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* VEIL IS NOT INCLUDED, THIS ITEM IS ONLY FOR ADD EMBROIDERING WRITINGS to the veil that you can buy in our E-Boutique here .


Amaze everyone by choosing to wear a high fashion wedding veil tailor-made for you with your own words! 

You can decide to have your initials embroidered, your names with the wedding date or better still, a phrase that belongs to you, or from a poem, a song.

Our embroideries are 100% customizable, choose from these three beautiful fonts:


1. ELEGANT SCRIPT (see example image)
A beautiful calligraphic script font in a very elegant style. Ideal for both monograms and longer sentences.


2. HANDWRITTEN SCRIPT (see example image)
A more freestyle signature script font that looks great on couples' names.


3. SIMPLE FONT (see example image)
An understated typewriter-style font. A great option if you are looking for something subtle and less decorative than a script font.


3a. DATE CHARACTER (See date under Jenny & Adam)
The date font we use will be the same as our simple font above, only smaller.


Capital letters will be approximately 3.5 - 4.5 inches (9 - 11,5 cm) high in a script font and 2.5 inches (6 cm) in the simple font which is much wider. All lower case letters will naturally be smaller, although there is much less difference in height between upper and lower case letters with the simple font. The date font in all cases will be 0,78 inches (2 cm) high.





   Up to 6 characters - perfect for a monogram / initials / single word
   Up to 12 characters - perfect for a monogram and date or short phrase
   Up to 18 characters - perfect for full names and a date or short phrase
   Up to 24 characters - perfect for full names and a date or longer phrase
   Up to 30 characters - perfect for longer texts, poems or sentences

   30+ characters or something a little different - get in touch  


You don't need to include punctuation in your count; commas, periods, etc. You must include the "&" between initials / names.


Also take care of the place where you have your phrase embroidered, the options are endless, let yourself be inspired by this gallery!


Custom Lettering Embroidery

€ 89,00Prezzo
  • Custom Letters embroidery

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